October, 2003

Let's Talk About Those Lips!


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Vermont Woman, a new statewide monthly reinvented for the 21st century. Many of you will remember her predecessor, published from 1985-1990. What you will also notice is a completely new design and editorial format, and of course those lips…the logo speaks to the difference of our times.

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Sue Gillis

Welcome Bantu Women!


To live in a healthy environment; to live free from persecution; to feed the wishes of children with the breath of success - these are universal dreams.

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Bantu Woman and Child

Keeping it Fresh with Joan Baez


She’s marched with Martin Luther King, studied the teachings of Gandhi, and worked with Bono, yet it’s her voice that has the power to persuade and convince.

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Joan Baez

Spirit and Vision


The envoys from Washington were warned: "We do things differently here in Vermont."

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