February, 2004

Publishers Message: Judy and Howard - Paying a High Price for Fresh Air


Diane Sawyer ABC and 20/20; NewYork Times op ed columnist Maureen Dowd, and just about every other media pundit, with their eyes a rollin’ and heads a shakin’ just don’t know what to make of Judy Steinberg Dean.


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Judy, Judy, JUDY!


You’d have to be under a rock to miss the media frenzy swirling around Judith Steinberg Dean as her husband runs for the next primary in the sprint toward Super Tuesday.


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Tangled Up In Pink - The Politics of Breast Cancer


Back in 1990, Vermont came in fourth in the nation for the highest mortality rate for breast cancer; and nobody knew why. Vermont Woman reported sketchy correlations between breast cancer and certain dietary and reproductive patterns, but noted that no clear cause-and-effect relationship had been established. Studies on dietary fat, which had been associated with breast cancer early on, were contradictory.


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Vermonters Go To War


Although Iraq is thousands of miles from the Green Mountain State, for some Vermonters the war there is as close as an empty spot in the marriage bed or a grave in the local cemetery.


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Letters from Kabul


I’m a Vermont woman, so I guess that qualifies me to have an opinion. At least in this forum. Unfortunately, I’ve only been a part time Vermont Woman, due to work and a lifestyle that has required long absences, over the last ten years, from my Vermont home. The last three years I had the privilege of running a bank in Mongolia. That experience left me convinced that I was no longer qualified to be a banker in Vermont, but it does qualify me for running a micro finance (banking for the poor) agency in Afghanistan. Go figure.


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Book Review: St. Ursula’s Girls Against the Atomic Bomb


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Such must surely be the motto for Raine Rassaby and Al Klepatar, unlikely neighbors and ultimate helpmates in the novel St. Ursula’s Girls Against the Atomic Bomb, by Valerie Hurley.


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