June, 2004

Grit, Golf & Girls on the Green


The tiny white ball arcs into the sky, and the young woman who just finessed the ball with grit strength and grace flashes a characteristic quick smile. It’s her personality, veteran Vermont golfers say. She just loves the people and the game — and she’s good, very good.


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woman golfing

A Vermont Feminist Minister on Religion and Others


Roddy O’Neil Cleary, minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington, has performed dozens of civil unions in Vermont. She is a feminist theologian who teaches women’s spirituality courses at the University of Vermont; she is a married woman, the mother of two sons; she is a former nun who lived and worked in a teaching order at Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York. “I was institutionalized for fifteen years,” she writes in one sermon, explaining why she never learned to cook. “I spent more time in the confessional than I did in the kitchen. It would have been healthier the other way around.”


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woman golfing

The Long Journey to Mother: A Daughter’s Diary


I have a deal with Mary. This is my deal: If I wear my wedding dress for ten days my mother will have a miracle. I wrote this down in the miracle book at the Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando. On the fly. After having failed to pick up a blond wig at Dolly’s Stampede for my mother’s pending chemo.


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woman with shawl

Amy Goodman Takes on the Media


Amy Goodman received standing ovations at all three of her Vermont speaking engagements May 22-23 — before she spoke. This is just another example of what she and brother David, co-authors of The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them (Hyperion, 2004), have seen all across the country on their 70-city book tour. There is a “tremendous hunger for independent voices, voices of dissent that are missing from corporate media,” said David Goodman, who lives in Waterbury Center, “People are clamoring for the truth.”


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Amy Goodman giving a presentation

Thank Heaven… for Emma


My only daughter Emma just turned 26. This summer she’ll be married, soon to start her own family. She’s half my age, the age I was when she was born.


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Nat and  daughter Emma