July, 2004

Calm Before the Fall


July is Vermont’s high summer season, just one short month of a bit of sun and fun, which is eagerly anticipated by Vermonters all year.


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Equine Artistry Transcends the Arena


The majesty of a horse and rider, performing seemingly effortless moves, as one, is a vision that endures for most spectators of equitation events. Whether in the Olympics, at the opening of the Mozart Festival here in Vermont, or in the ring of the barn, the connection between horse and rider is breathtaking when it is achieved. Such connection comes from the training, known as dressage, which goes on every day in the ring, for horse and rider, until mastery is achieved.


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Ellen Miller – A Passion for Dressage


Ellen Miller looks relaxed, sitting in a canvas chair in the shade, scrutinizing every move of the student in the arena and the Trakehner she’s riding. Nothing seems to escape the astute gaze of this consummate dressage instructor. Miller shouts approvingly. The student seems relieved: until she gets the fundamentals mastered she’s going to hear about it — and be instructed to try again.


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Blood, Sweat, and Hormones


This was no armchair athlete talking, no envious wanna-be who spends race day handing out cups of water. A veteran of five triathlons — including the prestigious Ironman Hawaii — K leaned forward and dropped her voice before continuing.


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