September, 2004

Professor and students study polygny in Africa


Polygyny expert and Lyndon State College Professor Janet Bennion took a group of six LSC students to study the Watha tribe of Watamu, East Kenya, in June. Polygyny is the marriage of one man to multiple wives. “The goal was to bring students into the field for humanitarian aid, and also to learn and practice anthropological techniques of observation and interview,” Bennion said.


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Jan Backus and Cheryl RiversUP for DEBATE – Candidates for Lt. Governor face off
Jan Backus and Cheryl Rivers


Vermont Woman posed the following questions to Jan Backus and Cheryl Rivers, candidates for Lieutenant Governor. The winner of the September 14 primary election will go on to face the incumbent, Republican Brian Dubie. Here's how the two Democratic contenders weighed in on the issues.


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Anjalika Sharma– A Beautiful Eye


When Anjalika Sharma invited me into her home to be interviewed, the first thing she did was offer me homemade chai. Within five minutes, she had pulled a painted Indian chair up to the threshold of her small kitchen, seated me in it, started a pot of milk on the stove, and snipped off the ends of tea bags as she told stories about her experiences in Vermont. I wished I could have turned that movie camera of hers on herself, to capture this garrulous, purposeful, unpretentious woman in a long skirt and loose hair who speaks with perfect British-Indian diction.


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I Thought They Were on My Side


Our correspondent in Kabul writes this month about the disintegrating, and increasingly dangerous, situation in Afghanistan – a Vermont Woman exclusive.

I thought my job was to assist the good guys, while the U.S. military sorted out the bad guys. So, how did I become a soldier in the fight against the bad guys and why is the U.S. military pointing its guns at me? How did I become part of this fight and who is protecting me?


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