March, 2005

Publishers Message - Sisterhood and Leadership


You have felt these hands reach out to you. You have seen the special light in other women’s eyes as your presence on the political podium has elevated them to their rightful status. Watching the women along the parade route – that special applause, thumbs up, cheers – you know it when you see it, and it is extraordinarily powerful, our intuitive sisterhood.” – The Honorable Madeleine Kunin, speaking at a Strategic Leadership conference in 1990 sponsored by the  Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Women’s Campaign Research.


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The Legacy of Madeleine Kunin –A Roadmap for Redefining Power


Governor Madeleine Kunin wrote Vermont Woman a letter of congratulations when we first began publishing in September of 1985. Those were exciting times with lots of women’s “firsts.” We counted ourselves among the first generation of publications to be owned and run by women. Earlier that same year, Kunin had been inaugurated the first woman Governor in Vermont.


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Powerhouses of the Legislature


Gaye Symington’s role as Speaker of the House has received much attention. But a large number of women are wielding the gavel in important legislative committees, overseeing millions of dollars in taxpayer money, and regulating some of the hottest issues in Montpelier.


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To Protect and Defend: Town Meeting for the 21st Century



On March 1st, Vermonters will come together in town halls, school auditoriums, and churches across the state to pass legislation that will govern their homes for the coming year. Town meeting is a tradition reaching back more than 200 years and yet it is the most progressive political institution for women currently in existence. But this unique experience is under attack from multiple enemies and in danger of slipping away before we fully realize its importance.


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Susan Clark

He Blinded Me with Science


Harvard President Larry Summers hit the nail on the head. It is part of our cultural mythology that women’s biology — which really means our bodies — is the reason for our exclusion from everything you can think of that men have wanted to keep for themselves.


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Dr Trixie