July, 2005

Moulton-Steele: Sustaining a Bold Vision


Armed with high-powered squirt guns in both hands to keep the rats at bay, Melinda Moulton went about her rounds checking the abandoned waterfront properties under her supervision. Inspecting buildings such as the legendary Pease Grain Tower, the 33-year-old Moulton negotiated the excrement of assorted critters in high heels that were de rigeur at the time. She recalls, “I used to shoot rats at the dump with my father when I was a little girl” – (presumably not with squirt guns) – “so I was perfectly suited for the job.”


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Sue Gillis

On Your Mark . . . Get Set . . . Race for Someone You Love!


MANCHESTER—Pam Nemlich is enthusiastically approaching her second year as chair of the Vermont/New Hampshire Komen Race for the Cure. Nemlich will oversee thousands of participants and hundreds of volunteers in the 13th annual fundraising event, to be held on Sunday, July 31 at the Hildene Meadowlands in Manchester.


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Pints and Prejudice: Unleashing the Beer Goddess Within


I know it’s wrong to think less of people because of what kind of beer they drink, but I can’t help it.

I learned to love beer in Prague, at a pub whose name I don’t remember but could never pronounce in the first place, just off of St. Wenceslas Square. A rabbit’s warren of small low-ceilinged rooms, with aged wide-plank wooden benches and tables and dimly lit by the few alley-facing windows. The beer was a half-liter stein of Gambrenis Dark, hoisted with a firm fist and a boisterous “Nos Stravi!” And when I returned home, I could no longer bring myself to order, let alone imbibe, the $5 pitchers of Budwesier at our weekly sojourn to the East Village. So I ventured further East at the behest of my literature professor to Avenue B (before it was hip) where he held forth on W.B. Yeats’ search for virility through the insertion of a baboon testicle into his own scrotum over the prettiest pints of Guinness anywhere in Manhattan.


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Brewster Profiles


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