March, 2006

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Vaulted Achievement: Women in Vermont Banking’s Higher Echelons


Whatever happened to “bankers’ hours”? That’s what women who work in Vermont banking want to know. Indeed, for those in the top management echelons of Vermont’s largest banks, “bankers’ hours” often means six days a week, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., one or two nights until 8 p.m. – and sometimes even over Presidents’ Day weekend.


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In the Queen City We Trust: A New Kind of Counter-Fit Money


Residents of Chittenden County can help boost the local economy when they spend Burlington Bread. By using this local alternative currency, developed by the Burlington Currency Project (BCP) in 1998, people can spread their “bread” and know that it will not leave their community.


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Legality–The Dick Cheney Factor: Why 99 People Can Speed, But Only You Get a Ticket


Last month, Vice President Dick Cheney managed to unintentionally shoot and badly wound his upland bird-hunting partner. Yet while nearly every state has a law declaring the discharge of a firearm in the direction of another person to be a crime, ranging from aggravated assault with a deadly weapon down to reckless endangerment, it is doubtful that the Vice President will be charged with a crime. This is because, contrary to popular expression, ‘the law’ is not really ‘the law’; the law is a set of parameters applied to various situations through the exercise of discretion. In other words, the law is what the people determine it to be.


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The Conclusion from “United Against Poverty” Conference: Women & Children (Hit) First – and Hardest


There was far more to “United Against Poverty” – the February 8th conference on poverty in Burlington – than the presence of keynote speaker Senator John Edwards (D-NC), who dominated local media coverage.

For one thing, there was the subject of women.


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