March, 2004

We had tea at Jane’s, then started a revolution. Wish you were here. An Invitation to Change


Imagine yourself leading the charge for social improvement! In less time than it takes for us to get to Washington DC or even Philadelphia, I went with a group of Vermont women to Seneca Falls, NY, to see what women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott have done. Vermont’s motto, "Freedom and Unity," is right in line with the ideals that flourished in Seneca Falls 150 years ago, as progressive women championed basic human rights that were still denied over half the population under the Constitution.


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Wine, Women, and More Wine


The winds were wild; the temperatures hovering near zero, the lakes and vineyards of the Finger Lakes deep under a February snow. Yet the warm atmosphere of good cheer and friendship – and the award-winning regional wines – allowed us to feel transported to sunny Napa Valley for a day!


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Dale Steen from Kitchen Table to Hall of Fame


In a dramatic mirroring of the events that led Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and the women of Seneca Falls to draft and endorse the Declaration of Sentiments, Dale Steen found herself in a talking circle of women when she was just a young mother raising her children and managing a home. These women recognized the need to galvanize and gather resources to preserve and promote the home of the women’s rights movement.


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Trina Magi: A Good Patriot Raises Hell


When it comes to listing off Vermont rabble-rousers, the name Trina Magi doesn’t spring to mind instantly. Yet last month, there she was, staring out at the world from her photo in the latest edition of the radical national magazine, Mother Jones. Her picture, and the article about her activities, ran under the interesting tag line of "Hellraiser."


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